Customized Editing Services

Planning a special event? Our customized video projects are the perfect way to provide a shared experience with all in attendance. We will take the time to discuss your needs with you, so our services give special attention to your subject matter. Edited services come complete with personalized titles and music. 

Our video vignettes are a great way to commemorate:
Special Birthdays
"How We Met" montages for Weddings/Receptions
Baby Announcements
Christmas/Holiday Memories
Mother's/Father's Day
Valentine's Day (or any celebration of love)
Graduation Parties
Retirement Parties
Memorial Services
Family Reunions

Our aim is to take your moments and turn them into memories!

Digitizing Services

Nostalgic Innovations can help you preserve your heritage by taking your old home movies and photographic media and converting them to a more modern format. We have the capability of digitizing VHS and camcorder videotapes, 8mm and Super 8 films, as well as scanning of photos, slides and 35mm negatives.

Restoration Services

With every passing year, your photographs, videos and films are continuing to degrade. We can give new life to your heritage by digitizing your media, and taking the time to repair scratches and blemishes from your photos, and removing grain and noise from your films and videotapes.

We now offer three packages for Wedding Videography, as well as a la carte options, to suit any need. See our Wedding Videography page for more information, and pricing. We are also available to record social events, musical and theatrical performances (with permission from production), non-profit promotions, etc. Contact us for pricing and availability.

Nostalgic Innovations also offers services for all your digital media, by taking your pictures and video footage from your digital cameras, phones, computers, thumb-drives and SD-Cards, and consolidating them onto one format.